50K and 1K Winners 2001-2002

50K Competition

1st Prize - £15,000
(Generics Business Creation Prize - presented by Ian Collins)

Coventry Cell Networks
2nd Prize - £12,500
(Presented by Jamie Urqhart of ARM)

The British Stem Cell Registry
3rd Prize - £10,000
(Presented by Paul Walsh of Globespan Virata)

4th Prize - £7,500
(Presented by Hermann Hauser on Behalf of Arthur Andersen)

Schmode Ltd.
5th Prize - £5,000
(The ARM prize - Presented by Simon Segars)


1K Competition

Prizes of £1,000 awarded to:
Invisilan and

PinPoint Technologies
(Presented by Lawrence Garrett from 3i and John Hartley from HSBC)

A further bottle of champagne was awarded to Glucotorch for The Best Elevator Pitch.