Relations with the Local Business Community

Since the high profile launch of the 1999/2000 competition by Hermann Hauser, Director of Amadeus and highly sucessful entrepreneur, CUE has matured into an established part of the business community.

As a result of the close relatioship established with sponsors and supporters, CUE has become renowned for the quality of the programme it offers to participants including:

The success of this partnership was celebrated earlier this year when CUE was nominated for the Coventry Evening News Business Training award for 2001 only 18 months after formation.

CUE have also worked closely with many parts of the University, all keen to further entrepreneurial spirit in their students. Those involved include The Coventry Entrepreneurship Centre, The Manufacturing Engineering Department, The Institute for Manufacturing, The Department of Biotechnology, and The Wolfson Industrial Unit.

CUE and its members would like to thank all those who have made contributions over the last year and look forward to another highly successful year.